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Joint Health, Arborvitae

One of the best sellers from Bribie Simply Healthy is a product called Arborvitae of which I have received a lot of positive feedback from customers.

Arborvitae reduces pain and aches, which is beneficial for joint pain, soreness and stiffness. It supports joint mobility, flexibility and helps enhance healthy joint function.

The main ingredient of Arborvitae is Pychogenol, which is Pine Bark Extract. Arborvitae comes from French Maritime Pine trees in South-West of France, where the forest is unspoiled and natural with no pesticides or herbicides. It’s a powerful antioxidant It acts as a natural anti- inflammatory, which helps generate collagen and helps to dilate and purify blood vessels.

According to medical journal WebMD that Pycnogenol is good for cardiovascular health; oral and topical skincare, joint health and eye health among many other benefits.

Health benefit of Pycnogenol

TGA Permitted Indications

Antioxidant/Reduce free radicals formed in the body Maintain/support physical endurance/capacity/stamina Helps enhance/promote general health and wellbeing Maintain/support general health and wellbeing Anti-inflammatory/relieve inflammation

Helps enhance/promote healthy blood circulation
Maintain/support healthy blood circulation
Maintain/support immune system health
Maintain/support healthy immune system function
Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle cramps
Decrease/reduce/relieve muscle pain/ache/soreness
Helps enhance/improve/promote/increase muscle performance/endurance/stamina Aid/assist/helps post exercise recovery

Helps enhance/improve/promote/increase physical/exercise performance Helps enhance/improve/promote/increase attention span Maintain/support mental concentration/focus/clarity Enhance/improve/promote/increase cognitive performance Maintain/support cognitive function/mental function

Maintain/support memory/mental recall

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